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Machine Shop Brings Better Technology to the Next Silicon Valley
GOLETA, Calif. (August 28, 2003) - A & A Engineering, a part manufacturer located in Goleta, has purchased a new custom parts manufacturing machine bringing Goleta to the forefront in parts manufacturing. With the purchase of the Citizen L25 Swiss Screw Machine, a machine that can run unattended for days at a time and produce accurate parts timely and efficiently, A & A Engineering can offer lower costs and more advanced technological precision.
"Shorter production runs with complex parts is now a reality," said Brian Falter, vice president of sales & marketing. He added that with one customer they were able to "reduce their costs by 78% and still improve the part's functionality and delivery times."
The Citizen L25 Swiss Screw Machine provides a 7 axis, CNC, automatic lathe that offers a 12 foot bar feeder holding 19 bars, a sub-spindle, and cross-milling and drilling operations. It can make complex shapes and sizes in one work holding reducing production time and overall costs. Unlike the old style CAM machines, this new CNC machine can make any round part less than a one inch diameter and less than five inches long.
Mr. Falter explained, "Competition from overseas and from overcapacity in the marketplace has caused us to be extremely innovative in the ways that parts are made. We look for ways that truly benefit our customers. This machine does just that."
For more information, please call (805) 403-9483 or e-mail llatham@image-inmarketing.com.

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